The Dynasty of the Canmores

During the rule of the Canmores, England increasingly gained Influence over Scotland. In part, was married into both Kingdoms, on the other hand, liked the respective Way of Life.
This had a strong Impact on both Cultures.

Canmore´s from 1058 to 1153

By marrying Ingeborg, he succeeded in securing Peace in the north and west of Scotland.
After initially defending himself, however, he submitted to the english King ... [read more]

Donald - who had the advocacy of the Clans - shared the Rule with his Brother.
For a few months, however, Duncan took over the Regency with the help of english ... [read more]

Edgar began to approach England.
The most important thing for him was peace ... [read more]

Alexander also shared the Rule with his Brother, but always tried to become the sole Ruler.
The special thing about him were the two facets of his Personality ... [read more]

David succeeded, which his Brother Alexander refused. He became the sole Ruler of Scotland ... if only because of Alexander's Death.

He continued the Work of his Mother and founded several Monasteries and Bishoprics ... [read more]

Canmore´s from 1153 to 1290

Malcolm divided Scotland into the political Opinion of the Population.
While the Clans of the Highlands rejected the "weak" King, he found support in the Lowlands ... [read more]

Under William, the Lion Rampant moved into the scottish Coat of Arms, which he got the nickname 'The Lion'.
He also traded the 'Auld Alliance' ... [read more]

At the beginning of his Reign Alexander was confronted with a Rebellion of two Clans and tried to disempower the english King.
Finally, he negotiated a Peace Treaty with his successor ... [read more]

Alexander tried like his Father to get back the Island ceded to Norway, but failed.
This led to the Battle of Largs, which made the Thistle the National Flower of Scotland ... [read more]

In Scotland, a Dispute arose over the succession to the Throne.
The only heir to the Throne was the only three-year-old Margaret, but she should never ascend the Throne ... [read more]