The Stuart´s return

Although it was still the Scots themselves who handed Charles I. to the english Parliament, his execution in January 1649 promptly reversed the Mood.
Royalists eventually proclaimed his Son King Charles II., creating a second Stuart Dynasty. But the Way to the Throne was long and arduous.

In addition, at the End of the Dynasty, the Kingdoms Scotland and England, become the Kingdom of Great Britain!

Due to the Death of his older Brother, Charles was the rightful Heir to the Throne and was named Prince of Wales.
He spent his youth in Exile and refused Parliament's Request to return to England.

Only after Oliver Crommwell gave up his office, he had hope for the Throne ... [read more]

The first experiences James - the younger Brother Charles II. - collected in the spanish Army.
He obtained the Declaration of Indulgence, which abolished the Persecution and Punishment for religious Reasons ... [read more]

Her youth spent Mary abroad, where she William III. of Oranien married.
After the Abdication and Escape of her Father she inherited the Throne ... [read more]

Anne was the Sister of Mary II., with whom she split.
Towards the End of their Reign, the Act of Union United Kingdom became the Kingdom as we know it today ... [read more]