Special People of Scotland

Everywhere in the world … in every nation, there are people and heroes who have left their mark on history.
For the Germans for example, this was Siegfried the Dragonslayer and the French had Jeanne D’Arc. The Scots also had their heroes and personalities. I would like to tell you something more about the following:

The Holy Patrick was a Bishop at the beginning of the 5th century.
He is mostly associated with Ireland, but was born in Scotland [read more]

William Wallace ...
One of the main players in the struggle for independence in the 13th and 14th centuries.
Even Hollywood sat in a memorial [read more]

By intrigue Robert MacGregor fell out of favor with the Nobility.
With Courage and fighting Spirit he regained his Honor [read more]

Charles Edward Stuart, Son of heir to the Throne James Francis Stuart was born in Rome.
He succeeded in the 18th century to the Clans of the Highlands and was Leader of the second Jacobite Uprising [read more]

Robert Burns was a Poet and Composer from the 18th Century.
Many of his works are now part of Scotland's Tradition [read more]

Sir Alexander Fleming was a Bacteriologist at St. Mary's Hospital Medical Scool.
By accident, he made a Discovery that saved many Lives [read more]