The Dynasty of the MacAlpin´s

The MacAlpins was the first ruling Family in Scotland and is based on the King of Skots Cináed MacAlpin.
With 18 Kings they ruled from 834 to 1058 and laid the foundation for the Kings of Scotland.

MacAlpin´s from 834 to 962

For many Historians he is the first King of Scotland.
He managed to unify the Empire of the Picts and Scots under one Crown and called his new Kingdom Alba...[read more]

He created the Law of Aedh.
It regulates the Succession of the scottish Throne according to the Tanistry Tradition...[read more]

He had a lot to fight with the Vikings.
In the lLadership of the Country, he often resorted to bribery...[read more]

About Aedh is next to nothing known.
One year after his accession to the Throne he was killed...[read more]

Eochaid wanted to share the rule with Giric, but their Relationship was not the best...[read more]

Donald was the first "real" King of Scotland.
This is especially noticeable in his Title...[read more]

Constantine has been very successful in pushing the Vikings to the south of Scotland.
Through its Reformations, the Country began to take gaelic Traits...[read more]

Malcolm was considered a successful King.
So successful that even the english King tried to sought him...[read more]

Like his predecessors, Indulf had to deal with the Vikings.
His Death is a Mystery to this day...[read more]

MacAlpin´s from 962 to 1058

Dubh was already successful as Ruler of the Kingdom of Strathclyde. After he ascended the Throne of Scotland, he had to defend himself against a power struggle...[read more]

Because of his name, Culen was known as 'The Puppy'.
But because of a shameful Act, he fell victim to a revenge murder ...[read more]

Kenneth was granted 24 years of Rule.
Although he submitted to the english King, but he achieved a longer Peace ...[read more]

About Constantine is actually nothing known - except that he was in power for two years ...[read more]

Kenneth was the last King according to the Tanistry Tradition.
The intrigues that helped in the Crown, however, were fatal to him ...[read more]

It is not certain that Malcolm ruled all over Scotland.
But his achievements against the Anglo-Saxons are known ...[read more]

Duncan owed it to his ruthless manner that he was unpopular with the People and the Nobility.
Again and again, Protests and Uprisings against his reign were triggered ...[read more]

 The most famous king of MacAlpin.
By William Shakespear his name is almost a concept ...[read more]

The first king to be crowned in Scone.
His reign lasted only a few months ...[read more]