The Battle at Falkirk

January 1746


After the Jacobite Army under Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) took Edinburgh, Government Troops tried to recapture the City, but were defeated in the Battle of Prestonpans. As a result, John Cope was replaced as Commander in Chief of the Government Army by Henry Hawley.

After their Victory Charles invaded England, but then had to withdraw with his Men to Scotland.

The Battle

Charles and his Highlanders joined Forces besieging Stirling Castle, while Hawley left Edinburgh with about 7,000 Men. In mid-January, the Government Army Vanguard watched as the Jacobites, led by Lord George Murray, lined up for Combat on Falkirk Muir, a flat area south-east of Falkirk. Hawley was taken out of his Quarters and rode to his Camp.
He hurried so fast that he even forgot to take off his Napkin.

Because Hawley believed that the Jacobites would not be able to withstand his Cavalry, he placed his Troops so that three Dragoon Regiments formed the Front Line of the left Wing. When the Dragoons attacked, they were salvaged by Muskets and broke up.
Now the Highlander attacked the Infantry and also beat them in the Cursing.

In just 20 minutes, the Government Forces were defeated, which then withdrew.
They were secured by three Regiments, which also dragged the heavy Guns, so they do not fall into the Hands of the Jacobites.

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