The Maid of Norway
gaelic: Maighread


Father: Eric II. of Norway
Mother: Margaret, Daughter of Alexander III.



03/1286 to 1290

After the sudden Death of Alexander III. the Question of succession to the Throne broke out in Scotland.
Presumably to make her Position and Person more important, Yolanda -the second Wife of Alexander- claimed that she was expecting a Child, but that statement was not confirmed.

The only heir to the scottish Throne remained only Alexander’s three-year-old Granddaughter Margaret, Daughter of the norwegian King Eric II.
Several scottish Noblemen pledged to take care of the little Girl’s well-being and act as commissars until her coming of age. Fearing that the presence of a young, powerless Queen could provoke a Civil War, english King Edward I. was asked to mediate. The latter arranged the ‘Birgham Agreement’ in 1290, and Margaret was betrothed to the Prince of Wales, later to become Edward II. In return, England would guarantee scottish Independence.

In the fall, Margaret was sent on the trip to Scotland, but during which she fell ill and died at a stop on the Orkney Islands.

With her Death ended the Canmore Dynasty.
Her Remains were transferred to Bergen in Norway and buried next to her Mother.

John Balliol 

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