The Vikings in Britain

For many, the Vikings were the horrors of humanity.
They were also traders, artisans and farmers. For over 4 centuries, you ruled parts of the Scottish Highlands, leaving their marks.
…til today!

According to the chronicles, it was a tense relationship between the local peoples and the Vikings, who went from about 793 consuming and pillage through Scotland. First, they raided some monasteries on the North and West British Isles and the coasts, such as that of St. Cuthbert on Lindisfarne. In 795, the Monastery of St. Columba on Iona and 799 that of St. Philibert on Noirmoutier.

Some Scientists suspect that they were no longer unknown at that time.
So it should have already given before individual raids, but also lively trade. In recent years, Viking tombs were found in Ireland, whose bones were probably buried there before these raids – which could be an indication. But in memory and according to the chronicles, the attack on Lindisfarne burned as the beginning of the horror. In 802 and 806, two more major attacks on Iona followed.
Although the eastern Coastline was a rugged, barren land, the Vikings settled there and used it as a hub for their trips to Ireland and raids to Dalriada on the west coast, where they also began to build settlements. Even today they are recognizable by the Vikings typical endings –vick, –dale and –firth. In addition to their Language, they also brought their craft, which is for example made noticeable in the later House Construction.

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