Duncan I.

gaelic: Donnchad mac Crìnàin

*1001 (ca.)

Father: Crinan, Abbot of Dunkeld
Mother: Bethoc

Sybilla Princess of Northumberland

3 Son´s
1 Daughter


1018 to 1034 Strathclyde
1034 to 1040 Scotland

Duncon already ruled Strathclyde before following his Grandfather Malcolm II. on the scottish Throne.
Since Malcolm II. abolished the Tanistry Tradition, under Duncon I. the Monarchy was converted into a hereditary Kingship, whereby the royal dignity each passed to the next related Man. This was new to the Scots, but typical of the Kings of the following Centuries.

In 1030 Duncan married a Princess from Nothumberland, who gave him four sons.
Two of these were later named Malcolm III. and Donald III. also every King of Scotland. Another Son was Maelmuire, whose Grandson Harald Maddadson dominated the Island Orkney. In an early Version about the Kings of Alba, Duncan´s Wife is called Suthen, which is not clearly proven and based on an assumption.

It was Duncan’s merciless nature that made him unpopular with the People and the Nobility, causing Protests and Rebellions against his Reign. Especially with his Cousin Macbeth -who became famous through the Work of William Shakespeare- there were always Conflicts, so that Macbeth Duncon killed. What the Conflicts were, was not handed down.

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