Gaelic: Lulach mac Gillai Comgain


Father: Gillacomgean
Mother: Grouch


1 Son
1 Daughter

08/1057 probably in Scone

1057 to1058

Imbued with the followers of Macbeth, his Stepson Lulach took over the Crown and was recognized as King.
According to Tradition, Lulach -who was also called the ‘Simple-Minded’ or Fool- not as previously raised the King, but have been crowned in the Abbey of Scone, making him the first “crowned” King of Scotland.

From the Marriage with Finnghuala of Angus he left behind a Son named Maelsnectan and a Daughter.
Maelsnectan is said to have decided on a monastic life. According to other sources, he is said to have lived with the Support of the Men of Moray for a longer time in Resistance.

After a few months of Reign, Lulach was ambushed by Malcolm III. killed.
With him died the last Representative from the House MacAlpin.

Canmore Dynasty 

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