Malcolm II.

gaelic: Màel Coluim mac Cinàeda

*954 (ca.)

Father: Kenneth II.
Mother: Princess of Leinster (probably)

2 Daughter´s


990 to 1005 Strathclyde
1005 to 1034 Scotland

Before Malcolm ascended the scottish Throne, he was already King of Strathclyde. Presumably he ruled only over part of Scotland, as he was repeatedly besieged by Nobles from Moray.
When the English had to defend themselves against attacks from Denmark in 1018, Malcolm took advantage of the situation and beat the Anglo-Saxons at the ‘Battle of Carham’. As a result, he was able to recapture Lothiam, previously lost to the King of Bamburgh, and expand his Empire to the south. He was supported by the King of Strathclyde. After he died shortly thereafter, Malcolm used his Grandson Duncan as his Successor.

The Anglo-Saxons, previously defeated by Malcolm, were later subjugated by Danes under King Knut. Also Malcolm was forced to submit to the Danes after an anglo-danish Invasion in 1031.
The arrival of Duncan as King of Strathclyde led to violent disturbances in his Kingdom, which ultimately resulted in the murder of Malcolm 1034.

Malcolm had no male heir apparent, so he arranged advantageous marriages for his Daughters.
His Daughter Donada married Jarl Sigurd of Orknay. His older Daughter Bethoc married Crinán, Abbot of Dunkeld, from whose Marriage Malcolm’s Successor, Duncan I. emerged.

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