Donald II.

gealic: Domnall mac Causantìn

The first “real” King of Scotland


Father: Constantine I.
Mother: unknown

1 Son


889 to 900

After the successful Revenge Campaign against his Predecessor and Cousin Eochaid, Donald -Son of Kenneth I. – ascended the Throne as Donald II.
Unlike his Predecessors, who bore the Title rex Pictorum (King of the Picts), he is referred to in the ‘Annals of Ulster’ (Irish Chronicle) as the first King of Scotland, as ri Alban (King of Alba). He was therefore allowed to bear in the name of the Union of Picts and Scots, which his Father performed.

During his Reign, he successfully defended the Kingdom against a Viking Invasion, and was simultaneously involved in struggles with highland Robber Hordes. Although the Vikings managed to destroy the Fortifications of Dunottar, but not their conquest. Instead, Donald succeeded in bringing the Kingdom of Strathclyde under scottish Rule.

His death is still unclear.
Sourcex reports that he was poisoned or died in Dunottar’s defense. According to other sources, he had fallen into the Highlands during a punitive expedition, or died of old age during a campaign against them.

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