Constantine II.

gaelic: Causantìn mac Àeda

*874 (ca.)

Father: Aedh
Mother: unknown

2 Son´s
1 Daughter


900 to 943

Donald II was succeeded by Constantine, his Cousin and Son of Aed.
At the beginning of his Reign, there were 904 clashes with irish Vikings in the year that he successfully pushed back in the ‘Battle of Scone’, but settled for some years under King Ragnall around the Northumberland Area.
In the ‘Battles of Corbridge’ 914 and 918 he succeeded in driving the Vikings permanently to the south. Support for this was found by Constantine at Ealdred of Bamburgh, which was attacked in 913 and sought help seeking the King of Alba. In the following years Constantine concluded several Peace Treaties.

Constantine reformed the then prevailing Church System, which it increasingly adopted gaelic Traits. It was he who introduced the Title of Count (Mormaer) in Scotland.

Information of his Wedding has been lost.
However, it is known that he had two Sons and a Daughter. In order to end the disputes and to keep the Peace, this 937 married the Viking King Olaf Guthfrithsson from whose Marriage at least 3 children emerged.
Nevertheless, this Marriage could not secure Peace on the southern border. In the same year Constantine was defeated in the ‘Battle of Brunanburh’ by Troops of the english King Æþelstãn (also Æthelstan, Grandson of Alfred the Great), in which also Cellach -one of his Sons, was killed. In favor of Malcolm I., Constantine renounced the crown 42 years later and retired to the Déli Cé Monastery in St. Andrews, where he later became Abbot.

Constantine died a natural Death and was probably buried near the Monastery.
His second Son Indulf became King of Scotland two years later.

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