James V.


Father: James IV.
Mother: Margaret Tudor

1st Madeleine de Valois, Daughter of Franz I. of France
2nd Mary de Guise

2 Son´s
1 Daughter
several illegitimate

09/1513 in Stirling Castle

1528 to 1542

When James V. followed his Father James IV. on the Throne and was crowned in September 1513, he was just 17 months old.
Therefore, first took his Mother Margaret Guardianship and Regency. When she married Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, she lost the Guardianship and the Regent’s office went to John Stewart, Duke of Albany.
Since John spent his Life in France, he hardly spoke any of the common Languages ​​(English, Scots and Gaelic) and knew very little about his Homeland. Nevertheless, he proved to be a good, popular Regent, faithful Scot and showed great Caution in dealing with the Lords.

During a four-year Visit (1517-21) in France Stewart renewed the ‘Auld Aliance’ and led with french Support twice scottish Armies (1522/1523) against England. In both cases, the Scots marched only to the Border. The Memory of what happened in Flodden, where James IV. died, turned out to be a Curse. Stewart’s pro-french Policy had failed and he left Scotland.

The pro-english Faction took over, set the King a Crown and led him before the People, but made sure he could not take control.
His Stepfather Archibald Douglas kidnapped him in 1525 to Edinburgh Castle and presented with Relatives and Confidants himself the Government. In 1528, his Mother Margarete, now divorced from Douglas, succeeded in helping James escape and seize Power. James immediately called a Parliament to condemn Douglas and his Family to Death and began besieging the Family Headquarters. In 1529 Douglas surrendered, fled to England and James was able to devote himself to the rest of the Country.

Henry VIII. had turned away from the catholic Church and founded the protestant Church of England, while many of James’ Lords also turned to the new Faith.
James was and remained a Catholic and a harsh advocate of Heresy, making him the natural Ally of catholic France and the roman Church. However, under Henry’s attempt to win Scotland as an Ally against Rome, James offered his Daughter Mary to Wife. James rejected this offer and other suggestions and renewed the ‘Auld Alliance’ instead. In 1537 he married the then 16 -year-old Madeleine, Daughter of the french King Francis I. Shortly after her arrival in Scotland, however, she died and a year later James took Marie de Guise, Daughter of the Duke of Guise, to Wife.

Henry was confronted with other catholic Forces, so decided to negotiate with James and personally traveled to York for a meeting.
His Advisors had advised James against it, so he did not set off, which resulted in Henry ordering an angry Invasion of Scotland. After the Death of his Mother in 1541, James saw no Reason to keep the Peace, also raised an Army and marched south. After 20 miles, the advance slowed as the Lords refused to leave. They saw in the campaign a deputy War for France, which they did not support.
Fearing a descent from true Faith and the spread of Protestantism, in November 1542 James led a mixed Army of Church Troops, Mercenaries, and loyal Allies to Lochmaben. A Division under Oliver Sinclair fell into a trap and was crushingly beaten.

When the heartache James learned of this Defeat and the Birth of a Daughter, instead of a male Heir to the Throne, it was apparently so shaken that he died shortly thereafter in December.

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