The Camp of Alec George Hare

A’ Campa na-h Ailig Seòres Geàrr

It started with an Idea

If you go to different Medieval Markets for several years, you will meet many people. Including, of course, the most diverse Camp Groups, where I was a Guest. It was always impressive how great the cohesion within the Group, but also the different Groups among each other and their Helpfulness and Cooperation. Unfortunately, there were no scottish Camp Group nearby.

So what do I do? I comes up with the Idea to build a scottish Camp yourself. I got a Tent and started as a host camp with another group to gather the first camp experience and organized parallel to the construction of my Camp. Before I knew it, a few friends came forward who were also interested in the camp and the Scottish culture and who accompanied me at various events.

The beginning
In the beginning I only had a tent and a fireplace.

Camp expansion
The next step was a second tent and an awning with table and seating

The Camp today
Over time, the camp was expanded and improved
What i offer...

... Interested visitors I tell something about the history,
the history of the kilt and show how the belted plaid is laid and worn.

The Camp is committed to keeping Scottish history and culture alive in Germany.
For medieval markets i orient myself around the year 1500, while for Highland Games the 18th century, the time of the Jacobites is aimed at. Interested visitors get information about the history of Scotland, the history of the Kilts, as well as about special events of this beautiful country. It will be shown how the Belted Plaid, the wounded Kilt and the Arisaid were worn and above all worn with its different variants. At the top is the hospitality. The camp may therefore be visited by visitors to watch.
At the same time, i always act as representatives of Clan MacKinnon and the Clan MacKinnon Ltd.

Are you interested in Scotland? Do you want to support and participate?
If so, then write a Message or just contact me. This gives you the opportunity to actively participate as part of the Events and to spread the Story of a great Country.

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