David I.

gaelic: Dabìd mac Maìl Choluim


Father: Malcolm III.
Mother: Margaret, Daughter of Edward Ætheling

Mathilda, Daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon

1 Son


04/1124 to 1153

After Edgar died in 1107, as his Testament stated, his Brothers Alexander and David shared the Rule.
While Alexander reigned as King over the northern part, David ruled only as Earl over the part south of Clyde and Forth.

The title Earl of Huntington David received in 1113 by his Marriage to Mathilda of Huntingdon, Daughter of Waltheof II, Earl of Northumbria. When Alexander died in April 1124, he ascended the Throne as David I. and reunited the scottish Empire.
David was friendly to England, too and therefore swore Allegiance to his Niece Mathilda, the Daughter of Henry I., in 1127. This led David to invade England in 1135, after Henry´s Nephew Stephen of Blois seized the english Throne.

Blois proved to be a powerful opponent, so that David was repeatedly forced to make Peace. After a renewed invasion of England (August 1138) David suffered a Defeat at the ‘Standard Battle in Yorkshire’ and returned to Carlisle.
In 1141, David escorted his Niece Mathilda to Winchester, where he narrowly escaped capture. From then on, he limited his England friendly activities to Scotland and continued the reorganization of Politics and the Church started by his Mother Margaret.
He founded numerous Monasteries and dioceses as Educational Sites.

He died May 1153 in Carlisle.

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