Malcolm I.

gaelic: Màel Coluim mac Domnaill


Father: Donald II.
Mother: unknown

2 Son´s


943 to 954

Constantine’s Cousin took over the Rule as Malcolm I.
He was considered a Wise and versatile Man, so that even the english King Edmund I. sought an alliance by 945 the conquered Kingdom Strathclyde to Malcolm ceded. The condition was that Malcolm defended this and sent Troops in attacks of the Danes and Norwegians in Nothumbria or Ireland.

In fact, like his Predecessors, he had to deal with the Vikings and supported Edmund’s Successor Eadred against Viking King Olaf Cuaran. In addition, he was forced from 947 to tolerate a scandinavian Kingdom in York. After scottish Troops plundered english Soil in an invasion of the Vikings in 954, Cumbria fell back to England. In the same year there was a Revolt in Moray. To end this quickly, Malcolm killed their leader Celach.

In Revenge, Malcolm was killed by Celach’s followers.

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