Constantine I.

gaelic: Causantìn mac Cinàeda

*836 (ca.)

Father: Kenneth MacAlpin
Mother: unknown

1 Son


863 to 877

After the Death of Donald I., his warlike Nephew (Kenneth’s Son) Constantine ascended the Throne.
During his reign, he tirelessly tried to ward off Attacks by the Vikings and expand his Kingdom to the south. However, he was subject to Attacks by the Vikings 864 under the Leadership of Olaf the White and Thorsten the Red in 875 and was forced to frequent tribute payments.

Although Constantine was a skilled warlord, he liked to resort to Bribery, which was later taken over by english Kings. In 870, his Counterpart King Artgal was also attacked, besieged and captured in Srathclyde. At the Instigation of Constantine Artgal 872 was executed. Artgal’s Successor was Constantine’s Brother-in-Law Run, whom he had executed in order to annex the City of Strathclyde.

Constantine probably died during the Defensive Battle against -known to Black Strangers- Raiders from Dublin at the ‘Black Cave’ in Forgan.

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