gaelic: Ildulb mac Causantìn


Father: Constantine II.
Mother: unknown

3 Son´s


954 to probalbly 962

Incited by the Invasions of danish Vikings, Indulf’s time grew into a strong scottish national Consciousness.
At the River ‘Firth of Forth’ he received the Danes coming from the south with an impressive Force, which retreated towards Cullen in Banffshire. There Indulf could finally drive the Invaders with his Troops.
After his Father Constantine II. lost in the ‘Battle of Brunanburh’ and had to give Lothian to King Æthelstan, Indulf could conquer the fortress ‘Dun Eden’ -the later Edingburgh- in a decisive battle back.

His death is a mystery.
Like his father, he intended to abdicate and become a monk.
According to contradictory Sources, he is said to have been killed in 962 at a River Mouth near Banffshire by Vikings. Other Sources, however, are also relocating the Place of his Death to a River in Cowie.

It´s unclear whether he had already abdicated, or was still King.

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