Malcolm IV.

gaelic: Màel Coluim mac Eanric


Father: Henry, Earl of Northumberland
Mother: Ada de Warenne


May/June 1153 in Scone

05/1153 to 1165

According to David I., his Son, Prince Henry Earl of the Honor of Huntingdon and Northampton -named after his Uncle Henry I. of England- was supposed to take Force of Scotland. But his early death in 1152 crowned his Son as Malcom IV. in Scone to King.

Malcolm was considered a weak Ruler, which showed, inter alia, that in 1157 the Counties Cumberland, Westmorland, Northumberland and Carlisle ceded to England’s King Henry II. The Highland Clan Leaders rebelled against this “weak” Ruler, while the Lowland-based norman Settlers supported him as they met their interests.

Little is known about the life of Malcolm, except that he is generally described as pious, feeble, and chaste.
He died unmarried and childless, which is why he is also called ‘The Virgin’.

He was the last scottish Monarch who had a scottish Name.

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