Alexander I.

gaelic: Alaxandair mac Maìl Choluim

*1077/78 (ca.)

Father: Malcolm III.
Mother: Margaret, Daughter of Edward Ætheling

Sybilla, Daughter of Henry I.



01/1107 to 1124

After Edgar’s Death, his younger Brother Alexander followed him to the Throne.
Following Edgar’s Last Will, he shared the Regency with his Brother David, who ruled over the part south of Clyde and Forth as Earl. The reasons for this Division are unknown.
Alexander was dissatisfied with this Division and therefore tried many times without success to bring David’s part of the Country under his control.

Alexander’s personality had two facets.
On the one hand, he was considered a dreaded reckless Warrior, who a Revolt initiated by Lulach´s whose descendants defeated him with harshness, which earned him the epithet ‘The Savage’. On the other hand, he was also a pious and generous Man who supported the Church in the construction of Bishoprics and Monasteries such as the Abbey of Scone and Incholm.
His England-friendly Policy was also shown by the marriage with the english Sybilla -an illegitimate Daughter Henry I.- in 1107.

Sybilla died in the Monastery on the Women’s Island in Loch Tay. He himself died in April 1124 at the royal Court in Stirling.

The Historian John Fordun later said about Alexander:

“He was submissive and polite to the Clergy, but he was extremely ruthless to all the other subjects.”

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