Kenneth II.

gaelic: Cinàed mac Maìl Coluim


Malcolm I.
Mother: unknown

Princess of Leinster (probably)

2 Son´s
1 Daughter


971 to 995

Kenneth II. was granted 24 years of Force.
In 973 Kenneth had recognized the english King Edgar as his Lord and thus obtained the Rule over the Lothian Region, after he had attacked unsuccessfully.

He could consolidate the Rule over all Scotland until 977, after he killed Culens Brother Amlaib. The resulting Peace with England lasted until he intervened in Northumbria in 995 and Lothian lost again.
He married the Princess of Leinster, whose name and exact origin are unknown and got a son.

Kenneth was killed in 995 by Assassins.
He was probably the Victim of an intrigue by Finella, the Daughter of Count Concur of Angus and was buried on Iona.

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