gaelic: Dubh mac Mhaoil Chaluim


Father: Malcolm I.
Mother: unknown

1 Son


954 to 962 Stathclyde
962 to 967 Scotland

Before Dubh (also Dub or Duff) ascended the scottish Throne, he was already King of Strathclyde and should have been an excellent Ruler. Culen, the Son of Indulf, is said to have tried by violenceto take Force, thereby violating the Rules of Tanistry Tradition. In the Power struggle Culen´s Troops were subject at Crief against the reigning King.
According to legend, shortly after Dubh was said to have been severely ill and given up his jurisdiction, which amounted to a disempowerment. His subjects from Moray and Ross took advantage of this situation to enrich themselves, as they suspected Dubh on the Deathbed. But he recovered and executed the Rebels to restore Peace and Order.

As he made his Rest on the way back to ‘Castle Forres’, he was murdered by two Assassins during the Night.
They buried the corpse in a River that had previously been diverted. The security did not last long. Those involved in the Murder Plot were tracked down, executed and the Body of Dubh was buried on Iona.

It is considered certain that Dubh was married, of which only the name of his Son Kenneth is known.

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