Richard Cromwell


Father: Oliver Cromwell
Mother: unknown

Dorothy Maijor


1658 to 1659

From 1647, Richard Cromwell was an Counsel in the London Law Society ‘Lincoln’s Inn’.
In 1649 he married Dorothy Maijor, with whom he had nine Children, with only four reached Adulthood.

After the Execution of his Father Oliver Cromwell, and since his two older Brothers were already dead, Richard was appointed Lordprotector. Although he previously served as an MP in Parliament, he showed no Will and lack of Experience for this office. Therefore, he gave it up at the Request of the Parliament in 1659 without hesitation and went into Exile to France a year later.
His Wife died in 1675 without ever seeing each other again.

In 1680 he returned to England and lived a quiet Life until he died in 1712.

Second Stuart Dynasty 

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