Robert II.


Father: Walter Stewart
Mother: Marjory Bruce, Daughter of Robert I.

1st Elizabeth Mure
2nd Euphemia of Moray

10 from Elizabeth
4   from Euphemia
several illegitimate

03/1317 in Scone

02/1371 to 1390

After the Death of Robert the Bruce, according to the new rules of succession of 1318, his Grandson Robert Stewart should have followed him to the Throne. However, this was delayed by the Birth of David II. and Robert, who worked as a Steward at the scottish Court, initially became one of the Leaders of the scottish Army.
After some Victories over supporters of the deposed Balliol, David was elected to France in the time when he and John Randolph as Guardian of Scotland. After the Death of Randolph, he took over as sole Regent, restored the royal Authority and thus made possible the return of David to Scotland. During the captivity of David, he took over again the regency.

Due to an Affront and probably incorrect accusations on the part of David, he led a Rebellion against the King in 1363, which was quickly beaten down and he was taken prisoner. Shortly before David’s Death, he was released and crowned King one month later, on March 26, 1371 in Scone, which was viewed with some suspicion by some Nobles who had come to power and prosperity under David II.

Robert focused his efforts on creating a territorial and judicial power base for his Family, therefore named his Son John as heir to the Throne and renewed the ‘Auld Alliance’ with France. Otherwise, Robert hardly cared for Government Affairs, so that influential Nobles took control in several areas.

In 1378 another War with England broke out and in 1384 english Invasion Troops destroyed Haddington.
Since Robert was unable or unwilling to respond to this robbery, his Son John and the young Earl of Douglas instead demanded retribution. The resulting Crisis ended with the King’s disempowerment at the military level and negotiations with England. After various cross-border attacks returned by an anglo-french Truce, which included Scotland, 1389 temporarily rest. Because of Robert’s old Age and his Son John was partially paralyzed by a Horse kick in 1387, the Scottish Parliament in the same year appointed the younger Robert regent.

Robert II. died in 1390 and was buried in Scone.

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