James II.


Father: James I.
Mother: Joan Beaufort

Mary of Gueldres

4 Son´s
3 Daughter´s

03/1437 in Edinburgh, Holyrood Abbey

02/1437 to 1460

When James II. was crowned King after the Death of his father James I in 1437, he was only 7 years old. Therefore, Bishop Cameron as Lord Chancellor and Archibald Earl of Douglas as Regent led the Country.
Since the Power of the Family Douglas was too big and they wanted to break this, in 1440 the 6th Earl of Douglas and his Brother were invited to the Edinburgh Castle and executed contrary to the hospitality law. According to a Story they are said to have been served a black Bull’s Head, which was considered a Sign of the near Death.

After James II. was declared of age in June 1445 and he married Mary of Gueldres in July 1449, James took the Government into his own hands. Meanwhile, the Douglas family managed to expand their power and ally with some Nobles, threatening to endanger the King’s Force. In the dispute James February 1452 stabbed the Earl of Douglas. In 1455, he finally accused the Douglas of High Treason and besieged their Castles with Cannons to take possession of the Lands. Ironically, one of these modern Weapons cost him his life.
He died when one of these Cannons exploded next to him in August 1460.

Although his Reign was characterized by Intrigue, War and Betrayal, it has the power of the Crown and royal Justice to new reputation and the Nobility in its place.

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