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Let’s tell you something about the History and the Rulers of Scotland.
How did Scotland come to symbolize the Thistle and what is behind the History of typical Clothing – the Kilt.

The clan family association may seem confusing to some.
Let it explain a little [read more]

The Scottish flag consists of a transverse  Andrew's cross on a blue background.
How did this Flag come about? [read more]

He was part of a Coronation Ceremony.
Even in the middle of the 20th century, the Coronation Stone made headlines in the News [read more]

Scotland also has its VIP`s.
Below is someone you would not associate with Scotland [read more]

The Scottish garment par excellence ... The Kilt
What is behind the story of this "Skirt" [read more]

A small plant. For many, it is weeds.
For Scotland, it is the Symbol like the Harp, or the Shamrock for Ireland [read more]

Scotland... A Land of Mountains and Valleys, with Whiskey and Haggis.
But also a Country with a turbulent Past [read more]

 In a relatively brutal time, there was sometimes a quick change of Power.
The change at the Head of the scottish Leadership [read more]