Scotland is not just a beautiful Country with green Meadows, deep Lakes and wide Hills! It also offers an impressive and sometimes turbulent History of which a little is to tell here. Since she was often entangled with the History of England and there was a common ruler for Scotland, England and Ireland from 1603, there will also be one or the other small detour.

For the historical Background, described on the following Pages, various sources and cross-references of historical representations have been read and compared to give an overview and a summary of the History of Scotland.
There can be no guarantee of 100% correctness, as the sources contradict each other in some facts. However, this summary describes the facts that are logically correct.

Early Days

About 18,000 years ago there was not much going on in Scotland.
It was the culmination of the last Ice Age and until today's South Wales and the english Midlands, the Country was covered by Glaciers.
Basically, Scotland does not yet exist - not even by name. [read more]

500 BC to 5th Century

It was the time of the celtic People of Scotland.
It was the time when the Romans tried to conquer Britain and finally Hadrian's Wall was built [read more]

Scotland and Christianity

After the Romans left Caledonia, Christianity also remained behind.
A major Role was played by an irish Tribe, which gave the Country his name [read more]

Time of Vikings

The infamous Vikings travel the Seas and the Countries.
They also left their Marks in Scotland [read more]

Expulsion of the Vikings

The new Britain is forming.
In the claimed Areas, however, still live the Vikings [read more]

The first Conclict

England claimed Territory in Scotland.
It should end in Otterburn bloody [read more]

The Call for Freedom

England conquered Scotland and kept it firmly under control.
Two Men heard the Call of the People and entered the Field. William Wallace and Robert the Bruce [read more]

Call of the Auld Alliance

England was at war with France.
Scotland declared war to England because of the Auld Alliance [read more]

Henry VIII. and the Church of England

Henry VIII broke with the catholic Church and founded the Church of England.
His nephew, the King of Scotland, refused to do the same [read more]

Scot´s in Germany

While Catholics and Protestants were fighting against each other in Europe at the time, they looked "strangely dressed" among them.
Scot´s in the Belted Plaid [read more]

Gun Powder an Treason

Although James spoke out in favor of Catholicism, Protestantism spread throughout Scotland.
Some did not want to put up with it and it came to a stop attempt that went down in history and even inspired the "art world"... [read more]

Never trust a Campbell

The English Parliament rebelled against James VII, who had to flee to exile.
The new king William III. offered an Amnesty to the Clan´s fighting for the reinstatement of James. However, the events of those days saw some of the Government as a way to get rid of one of the leading clans ... [read more]

Rebellion of the Jacobites

James VII was exiled.
However, his followers, the Jacobites, tried to overthrow the current Government and reinstate James as King ... [read more]

Loss of Identity

After suppression of the Jacobites England wanted to prevent a new Uprising.
Laws were passed to change Scotland, especially the Highlands [read more]

Highlands without Highlander?

Industrialization is making great strides.
What is beneficial for the Breeders is bad for the Farmers [read more]

A new Scotland

The Time after the Jacobites...[read more]