The Rulers and Kings of Scotland

Throughout History, Scotland has had many Regents, Rulers and Kings.
It was a time of Killings, Plots, Intrigues and Alliances. There were times of War, but also times of Peace and Prosperity.

The MacAlpins was the first ruling family in Scotland and is based on the King of Scots Cináed MacAlpin.
At that time Caledonia became Alba [read more]

Canmore ... The epithet of the royal Dynasty from the House Dunkeld, which ruled under increasing english Influence. This was by no means only due to the English.
Scottish Kings and their Wives were linked to England in a way that had a lasting Impact on Culture [read more]

John Balliol was one of the Candidates for the scottish Throne.
After the Death of Margaret sat in Eduard I. as King of Scotland [read more]

At first a Vassal of the english King, Robert the Bruce remembered his origins.
Together with Wallace he fought for the Independence of Scotland [read more]

David II. was the Son of Robert the Bruce.
Two years after his Coronation, Edward Balliol took Power and drove David into Exile [read more]

The Stuart Dynasty, initially written by Stewart, is based on Robert II.
Before his Appointment as King, he was a Steward (Chief Steward of the princely Table) at the scottish Court. It ruled over three Centuries - from 1603 also over England - and was characterized by Conflicts and Confrontations. But it was also a Time of cultural flourishing, in which Scotland played an important role in the Europe of the time [read more]

A few weeks after the Execution of Charles I. the Lower House of Parliament called the Republic out. Under the Term Commonwealth of England -initially consisting of England and Wales, later Scotland and Ireland were added- the Government was now led by the Lower House as "Parliament of England". King and House of Lords were abolished!
In 1653, the Parliament was dissolved and a Lord Protector became the only Legislature [read more]

Although it was still the Scots themselves who handed Charles I. to the english Parliament, his Execution in January 1649 promptly reversed the mood. Royalists eventually proclaimed his Son King Charles II., creating a second Stuart Dynasty. But the way to the Throne was long and arduous.

In addition, at the end of the Dynasty from the Kingdoms of Scotland and England became the Kingdom of Great Britain [read more]